Professional Short Course

3 days Hydrogen Plant Training Course 

Level: Intermediate | HRDF: Claimable

Trainers: Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Rahim Othman & Mr. David J Keen

22 - 24 JULY 2024


Level 8, Permata Sapura, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur​

9:00am - 5:00pm

Registration Fee
USD 3,200 for Professionals

10% Discount for Early Bird (until 22 June 2024) / Group / Students

Content Summary


One of the biggest concerns for owners and operators of hydrogen plants is a loss of  containment event, which brings with it the potential for personnel injury, significant  equipment damage and plant downtime.Ultimately, all equipment failures are preventable, so why do fixed equipment failures still  occur? Basically, equipment failures occur because there are gaps in a plant’s equipment  ‘failure prevention controls’. Controls are what manufacturing facilities put into place to  ensure continued safe and reliable operation.


Training program participants will have an opportunity to take a deep dive into the metallurgy, damage mechanisms and failure prevention controls  applicable to equipment on your syngas plants. Participants are invited to submit questions for discussion during the 3 days Hydrogen Plant Training Course. 

Who Should Attend?

This highly interactive and hands-on training caters for inexperienced as well as  experienced engineers and inspectors. This program is very beneficial to Fixed  Equipment Reliability Engineers, Process Engineers, Materials Engineers,  Mechanical Engineers, Inspectors and Design / Construction Project Engineers  (QA/QC) who work on or support Hydrogen Gas Manufacturing Plants.

Course Content

Metallurgy fundamentals, Damage Mechanisms& Static Equipment Repair, specific to Syngas & Downstream Plant
  • M1 Basic Metallurgy Principles – Steels and Alloy Steels  
  • M2 Basic Metallurgy Principles – Austenitic Materials
  • M3 Elevated Temperature Damage Mechanisms – 20 syngas plantelevated temperature DM’s
  • M4 Corrosion Damage Mechanisms – 23 syngas plant corrosion / SCC  DM’s
  • M5 Mechanical Damage Mechanisms – fatigue and brittle fracture DM’s
  • M6 Welding Technology & Equipment Repair of Syngas plant

Steam Methane Reformers

  • A1 SMR’s – Basic understanding of SMR Process Function & Design
  • A2 SMR’s – Basic understanding of key aspects of start-up, shut-down &  balancing SMR’s
  • A3 SMR’s – Catalyst Management
  • A4a SMR’s – Radiant Inlet System  
  • A4b SMR’s – Catalyst Tubes
  • A4c SMR’s – Radiant Outlet System
  • A4d SMR’s – Transfer Lines / Cold Collectors  A4e SMR’s – Convection Section

H2 Plants - Design, Operation & Integrity

  • A6 Process Waste Heat Boilers (hydrogen)  
  • A5a Refractory Management
  • PSA Managment


Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Rahim Othman  

Associate Professor Dr. Abdul Rahim Othman (ARO) received the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Universiti Sains Malaysia in 2001, master degree of automotive engineering from University of Leeds, UK (2002), and received his PhD degree from School of Mechanical Engineering at University of Leeds, UK (2007). Dr ARO has been working as an academia at institute of higher learning for more than 17 years.

He currently works at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS as Associate Professor under Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was a Director of Research Management Center of UTP from 2018 to 2021. He was selected as the National Youth Scientist from Academy Science Malaysia (ASM) in 2016-2017.

Dr ARO specializes in the subject matters covering mechanics of materials, finite element analysis, risk-based inspection of mechanical damages, and statistical & probability analysis. He is also the inventor of ADaPT (Advance Diagnostic and Prognostic Technology for Mechanical Damages), STELLAR (Statistical Tube Exchanger Analytics and Reliability), SCTi (Smart Crack Technology Instrument), INSPIRE (Insulated Piping Reliability Engineering Analysis), and CORIMS-STS. All these technologies have been successfully deployed to PETRONAS and other oil and gas industries, saving more than RM 1.5 billion last year alone. Dr ARO has been awarded and completed 78 projects as main principal investigator between 2007-2023, with total value of  more than RM 32 millions.

Dr. ARO received numerous recognition and technology awards obtained through various competitions at international and national exhibitions. The most recent include runner-up Leader of the Year Award at Asian Downstream Summit 2023 (ADS) Singapore; by World Refining Association, and OTC Asia 2024 Spotlight on New Technology Award for ADaPT in February 2024. 

David Keen 

David Keen is a qualified Metallurgist with over 46yrs  domestic and international experience in Syngas  manufacturing facilities. David is a Subject Matter Expert  (SME) on fixed equipment integrity management and has  in recent years downloaded this knowledge into a series of  training modules focused on preventing equipment  failures through experiential learning and team problem  solving sessions. He has held various positions including  Global Company Chief Engineer, VP Global Reliability &  Risk, Company Engineer Fixed Equipment, Reliability  Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, T/A  Manager and Plant Metallurgist.David has worked as a consultant to Hydrogen, Ammonia and Methanol plants in  12 countries globally. He has been involved in implementing RBI programs, IOW  programs, auditing fixed equipment management, completion of failure  investigations, root cause analyses, fixed equipment repairs and design and  construction of new fixed equipment. David has worked on 40 steam methane  reformers and is a recognized subject matter expert in the integrity management  of SMR’s.


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*fee quoted does not include SST, HRDF service fee, GST/VAT or withholding tax (if applicable).




*fee quoted does not include SST, HRDF service fee, GST/VAT or withholding tax (if applicable).

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